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The eldest of three children, Cheanise was born and raised as a farm girl in Hairy Hill, AB. Throughout her childhood and adolescent years, Cheanise navigated through emotional, psychological, and physical abuse while living in a silent household. This type of living became her version of normal, which caused Cheanise to create toxic coping mechanisms and habitual patterns. From a young age, she struggled with authentically displaying her soul in a body that she felt wasn’t her own. She struggled cultivating relationships and finding the true meaning of her life. “Muddled in the chaos, I hid my truest self and isolated myself as a form of protection. As I grew older, my childhood innocence faded and I quickly fell into societal conditioning. A few years ago, I was chasing the “Albertan dream” in the oilfield industry. I pursued my passion for land and animals through an environmental and reclamation major. The life that I once knew drastically changed during the summer of 2014 when I experienced a triad of life altering events. These events caused me to become aware that I needed to focus on myself and reprioritize my core values. The past. My past. It has allowed for the creation and collection of my “toolbox”. Constructing a foundation for my spirituality meant I needed to breakdown the wall that protected my flaws and vulnerabilities. I quickly learnt that I needed to: expose my true self, reinvent my thinking patterns, renew the feeling of safety in my life, and allow for the sun to shine in the dark places of my being that have been neglected for far too long. My personal journey has broken and humbled me in ways that have positively changed me into the individual I am today. My rock bottom experiences have allowed me to connect and empathize with my clients. I have been able to facilitate the powerful healing of ‘truth’ to calm the mind, the body, and the soul.”

"Get To Know Your Healer" Series

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