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Healing What’s Yours


Welcome Everyone to Cheanise’s Niches 

By travelling through the journey of life, Cheanise aspires to eradicate the victimization that prevents individuals from being their authentic self. Cheanise is very passionate and feels blessed to be an inspirational, rural root, energy practitioner. In the past, Cheanise never would have believed you if you told her she would travel across Canada to bring awareness and guidance to help strangers, friends, and family. Her divine mission of “Healing What’s Yours” aims to create awakenings in all stages of life and to embody your authenticity.

Healings & Readings

This is where all the magic can begin with Cheanise's Niches. We provide a 360 degree healing approach for "all walks of life" healing requirements for own client's needs.


Are you looking for guidance, validation, perhaps serenity? As an energy practitioner, Cheanise has the ability to channel divine guidance, communicate messages from those who have passed on, and to lay your cards down illustrating your past, present, and future. This triad of tools is her niche way of enlightening you, so invest in this opportunity to find your answers, breakthrough your blockages, and take your first steps forward, healed.


Have you found the illumination for your path, but yet you’re afraid of the lurking shadows, or are you unsure of the next steps to take for the pursuit of life? Cheanise has the unique toolbox, the experience, and the knowing through her own journey & teachings to create the niche experience to ignite your greatest self. This investment is an in depth devotion of time for a 1 on 1 journey through cultivation, clearing, and ceremony.


Can you choose you? Willingness and vulnerability is a powerful state to see who you truly are, within this clarity and a dedicated timeframe you can witness your own revival transpire. The niche awakenings are specially curated for those with ambition; who have ignited the spark deep within their soul to erupt from the shadows and into the blazing present, ready to bask in all the love & light. This investment is an authentic journey navigated by Cheanise as she walks with you, hand in hand, to inspire and witness your rebirth into ascension.


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Ready to ask the heavy hitter questions for health, wealth, love, future in the comfort of your own safe space or in person? 

The "Heal" Coaching

Are you happy? Relationships are a struggle with us missing the real connection with ourselves first then hinders the love for each other as a team.  

Juju Crew Courses

Are you ready to keep learning young grasshoppers? Join more like minded, intimate groups for weekly topics for 2 months on different teachings from Cheanise's Niches Toolkit healing.  

Real Life Fairy Godmother

Have the children from the stars been a lot to handle for you as parents? Don't fear because your fairy godmother s near to help you. Anything from the kids dreams, feeling scared in their rooms or being disconnected from their emotions. 

Home Parties with Cheanise

Ever wanted a private in home or virtual online Energy party? Call up your friends, family and besties because we are about to have a Juju party.

House/Space Clearing & Blessing

Have you just moved, struggling with sleeping, overwhelmed by your family/emotions? Most times our spaces are overfilled with energy that needs to be cleared and blessed.  

Your Next Keynote Speaker

Are you having an event that is requiring a motivational topic talk or a ceremony to be held or one of the most moving healing demonstrations attended? 

Niche My Year Membership

Have you enjoyed connecting with Cheanise? Could you imagine spending 365 days with her connected by 1 on 1 coaching, events, like minded others private group and gifts? It is like Christmas all year long!

Q & A

You get to hear it from the horse’s mouth about your most common asked questions. Through the years of doing work all around the rural areas I grew up in to the downtown city lights, people all ask me the same questions. This is what I have to say about them.


What does being a Medium mean?

There is a whole spectrum of spiritual abilities, I possess the ability to be a medium; this means I have the ability to communicate with the other side of those who have passed on. I communicate with them through sensations within my own body, through a series of interpretations like charades, and/or actual communication. It is never up to me how spirit chooses to communicate hence all the different ways it works. With this ability I don’t always get to choose who comes forth or not, sometimes spirit is either not ready, or shows up in a different way. I can explain inmate details no one else would have known, their jokes, items you have been gifted or the last moments connected. However, 9/10 times who you are wishing to communicate is always ready to communicate with you. 

Along with this ability I have practiced and critiqued my ability to use things such as oracle or tarot cards to assist in your session. This gives a visual roadmap to allow our logical side of the brain to understand what the information we are receiving is. 

I do have many more modalities I work with such as psychic predictions, past life programs, traditional teachings and gifted “knowner”.

How do readings work from a distance or me not being in person?

I do not need to know your name or see you in person to do a reading. Your experience can be either in person or virtual; you will still get the same experience either way! It works on the law of energy. The experience will always be there, if you are experiencing limitations it’s likely you’re standing in your own way. 

We all connect in our own certain ways, so connect with me in your own way!

Have I always had a “gift”?

I hold a strong belief that everyone is gifted, some way or some how. There is no such thing as someone not having a gift. On a soul level there is always something that makes us truly special; that is why we are here. When you look at children sometimes we call it “innocence” “imagination” or “naive”, but when you listen to them talk about how they saw grandma who’s passed, or the figure that is their imaginary friend they are talking about spirit. We are all able to see it, however through conditioning of society, through movies and folklore we get scared and we shut ourselves off from it. We CHOOSE to dampen our gifts. We CHOOSE to ignore the deja vu, the “spidey” sense, or the ringing in the ears; these are all the mild senses we still have that we can usually “make sense” of. My gift is of the ”knowing” realm & I have worked with it from a very young age. I used to talk to the animals we would raise; especially horses or my dog. I would know if one was sick or how to work with them. I would connect to the earth, and the winds not knowing why at the time but know I sure do. I CHOSE to practice, to dedicate my life to understanding my gifts, to offering my soul purpose to the universe, and to bringing healing in the best way that I possibly can. You are gifted & so am I.

Can you tell me the lottery numbers?

Well friends, if I could I would definitely be living on a beach somewhere! 

Unfortunately, I do not use my ability to gamble or manipulate life to get ahead. Our abilities are not party tricks, we follow a moral code and way of life to be serving each & every client in the purest form possible. You being born is a one in a million chance. You living your life purpose is a one in a million chance. And you and I meeting is a one in a million chance, each connection creating opportunity! 

We are all surrounded by blessings & chances to win, it’s just if we notice them!

Can you do energy work to animals?

Can I read/work on animals?

What is my belief system?

Growing up we were raised in a Greek Orthodox church, having a belief in God + the world as a whole. We were also farmers, growing up “Mother Nature” who I now know as “Mother Earth” was something extremely significant in our day to day lives. It was the way of knowing nature can heal herself so can we! We didn’t grow up with the strawberry flavoured cough syrup, let me tell you! I believe that Creator/God is always supporting us along our journey’s along with our angels, our guides, & all the forces that create a path for us on our earthwalk. I have my practice founded primarily in Aborginal Medicine, along with Ancient teachings/Shamanism as my mentors had such unique backgrounds. I know that there are countless types of religion, belief, and spirituality & I am open to it all as everything has significance, and power. I have the belief that as long as you have an open mind + heart there isn’t anything that isn’t possible. Finding something that resonates with your soul, and your earthwalk + finding the strength, the tools, and the community to always hold faith is what I believe in.

How do your “powers” even work?

I giggle when people say powers because I don’t put on a superhero outfit, only my “backcombed hair makes me closer to God” as I commonly joke! 

My abilities are fine tuned connections with myself and energy being channeled through me. As I described in the mediumship question, I receive an immense amount of information channeled to me without limitations. This has taught me to always be aware of my surroundings at all times. 

It’s common that I get asked or people assume that I am reading them all the time. However, this isn’t true as I have respect for others’ space and when they are called to be in connection with me then that is when I open the channel.

What should I do to be ready for a session with Cheanise?

Come as you are! Make sure you have an item to record either by technology or old fashion pen and paper. The only requirement is to come open minded and ready to receive what source has to offer you that day. If you have questions bring them along, usually I have them answered by the end of the session. Lastly, have fun and allow your emotions to flow as there is no judgement. 

I am meant to trigger you, this is important for the release of trapped emotions that have taken space for long enough! 

I am just the messenger, we never know what will truly be coming through for you in each reading which makes every session unique & special.


“I saw Cheanise after seeing multiple councillors and one psychiatrist. That being said my hopes were not to high going in. After one session with this woman I started to see results. I was distrusting of this process from the start after my past experiences. That being said I can honestly say Cheanise’s techniques and personal insights into her own past allowed me to open up and be comfortable enough to move forward and deal with my own issues. This is huge mentally in allowing oneself to realize that you can indeed be “fixed” for lack of a better term and get over the initial stumbling blocks of first identifying what ones issues actually are. Once you know where the focus needs to be implemented she then gives you multiple tools to actually do something to help heal yourself which in turn then allows you to actually do that. I cannot thank Cheanise enough for her patience and over all ability to help me realize where and more importantly why I felt how I did and give me the guidance and the skills needed to take control of my mental health. This is a priceless skill that not many possess. I would highly recommend giving her a shot even if you believe you have exhausted all options. Thank you Cheanise truly.”


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