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Welcome! We want you to know how appreciative we are of your willingness to take this journey with us! It takes courage to dive into the unknown. We promise to honour and respect the trust you’ve placed in us and the Niche My Year Year Membership.

Are you ready for DIGNITY, VALOUR, CLARITY & ENDURANCE ? An adventure that will completely reinvent your reality, from the inside out?

Well here is what you have all been waiting for. A YEAR long Niches experience membership just for you!

The Guidance!

• Personal Phone Sessions throughout the year to keep you track. Monthly zoom meet up to be attended. You will also be given 4 sessions to have with handpicked practitioners to best suited your divine healing needs from the Niche Network!

The Gifts!
• Personalized NICHES KIT for the next phase of your growth season with hand picked items needed for the best life journey and blessings to you! Also a one page website that will be customized from our digital media expert BVGLmedia for your online branding.

The Experience!
• You will have a Mandatory meet up with Cheanise at a secret element (water, wind, earth, fire or metal) quest you will embark on. Don’t be nervous, feel the blood rushing through your body again!! It’s time to feel alive again!


To get started with Niche My Year 3 – The Quest – Membership..



Step 1. WATCH “Welcome to the Niche My Year 3” Video (See Below)


– If you’re asking yourself what you’ve signed up for, what the “Niche My Year” is, and/or wondering what to expect over the next 365 days; look no further. To answer these questions, I’ve pulled together a short welcome video above which covers the highlights.


Step 2. COMPLETE Niche My Year 3 Application (See Below)


– Answer the survey application below so we can better understand and plan your journey with us this year.


Step 3. CONFIRM Payment & CHOOSE Your 1-ON-1 Phone Session Date + Time (See Below)


– After completing the survey scroll down to Confirm your Payment Option. We have various payment plans to suit your needs.


– After confirming payment you will receive a link to Choose a date and time that will work for your first call with Cheanise. Write down the date and plan your schedule accordingly well in advance. You may only reschedule 2 of your appointments if for some reason you cannot make your regular time.


I’m looking forward to seeing your updates and progress, get ready to choose you!


Have a magnificent day. I’ll see you soon!


You are worth it so no more waiting!




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Step #3

Choose your payment option

(Prices are in Canadian – Subscription lasts 12 months)