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By travelling through the journey of life, Cheanise aspires to eradicate the victimization that prevents individuals from being their authentic self. Cheanise is very passionate and feels blessed to be an inspirational, rural root, energy practitioner. In the past, Cheanise never would have believed you if you told her she would travel across Canada to bring awareness and guidance to help strangers, friends, and family. Her divine mission of “Healing What’s Yours” aims to create awakenings in all stages of life and to embody your authenticity.

Card Readings

Most Popular

Ready to ask the heavy hitter questions for health, wealth, love, future in the comfort of your own safe space or in person?

Home Parties with Cheanise

Ever wanted a private in home or virtual online Energy party? Call up your friends, family and besties because we are about to have a Juju party.

(Min of 5 for House Parties – Additional pricing if supplies are needed)

Real Life Fairy Godmother

Kids Only

Have the children from the stars been a lot to handle for you as parents? Don’t fear because your fairy godmother s near to help you. Anything from the kids dreams, feeling scared in their rooms or being disconnected from their emotions.

(Age must be under 14)

Sacred Ceremony

Are you wanting to celebrate a milestone or passage and wanting something more intimate?

House/Office Clearing & Blessing

Have you just moved, struggling with sleeping, overwhelmed by your family/emotions? Most times our spaces are overfilled with energy that needs to be cleared and blessed.

Retreat Pracitioner

Looking for a presenter who will bring exhilarating topics or workshops to your event. Her many years of training can provide you with a once in a lifetime experience.

Your Next Keynote Speaker

Are you looking for your next Keynote Speaker or MC for your Event?

Cheanise is a well known crowd motivator, story teller and moment gatherer. She loves to bring a bird eye view to a wide variety of topics, so state your theme and she will have you covered. All ages and all ranges of experiences to help shine light on your event’s topics.

Niche My Year

Accepting Applications NOW!!

Turn a New Leaf

It is time… You have come to the right place for the new change of life you are seeking for. 

True Guidance Support

Providing the divine tools at the divine time for you to build the everlasting foundation you seek and worth. 

Hands On Connection

We are all about the truest form of connection either in person or distance sessions.

The Real You Reveal

All things broken are not wasted, they are gifted the expansion of blooming into the real self reveal.

Constant Balance

We are here to provide a 360 degree healing experince for all walks of life to connect and learn from.

Lighting The Way

We offer the light to guide you home from rock bottom experinces to lighthouse purpose pursuers.